Jobs/Economy – Tony believes in the HIRE Colorado plan, a plan to give Colorado companies the first crack at state contracts so that we can keep our tax dollars and jobs right here in Colorado, instead of shipping them to other states or overseas.

Education – Tony is a strong advocate for quality public schools, and will fight against irresponsible cuts to public education and against unfunded mandates at the Capitol. He will continue to be a strong voice to rehire teachers and reduce class sizes in Colorado Springs.

Healthcare – Tony believes that every Coloradan should have access to high-quality affordable healthcare. That’s why he supports the Colorado Health Exchange – a free market based solution that makes insurance companies compete against each other for your healthcare dollar, driving prices down and driving access and quality up.

Environment – Tony got a 100% endorsement from Colorado Conservation Voters, and believes strongly in protecting our air and water quality so that our kids have safe drinking water and safe air to breathe.

Seniors – Tony believes that PERA recipients and those who live on Medicare and Social Security need to be protected, and that we need to honor the promises we made to the greatest generation. He will fight against irresponsible cuts to Medicare and make sure that seniors in our community can live safe, healthy, independent lives, but should have access to safety net services when they need them.

Public Safety – Tony believes that safe communities and safe streets are smart investments that we need to make to protect our kids from criminals and predators. He will fight against cutting police and firefighters and strong protections for our kids from violent predators both online and in the real world. Tony knows that public safety is a huge concern in our community, and as a retired firefighter battalion chief, he knows that functioning streetlights, clean streets, and our police and firefighters are key to safe communities.

Veterans Affairs – Tony will make sure that our veterans receive our nation’s thanks, and have access to the services they need, and will fight to see they have a job to come home to. Tony supports tax breaks for local small businesses that hire returning veterans, and Tony will fight for reduced tuition for our returning veterans as well. Tony will also work to make sure we crack down on predatory lenders who target service members and veterans.